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Katy Tartakoff has photographed our family since 1982, when our youngest was born. He is now 32! She is a special person of great wisdom and talent and creativity– a beautiful soul. Look behind the checkout at Splinelli’s. Rob and I are there with our four grandsons on our shoulders, along with other samples of Katy’s work. Our last photos are with our four grown children and families. We treasure all her photos, especially the ones in 1982 with my mother. Her photos of several generations are especially poignant. She does color or black and white. We always choose black and white. She can charm any teary child and capture unusual moments that will bring you joy your whole life. She is a gift.

Connie F

Denver, CO

Katy Tartakoff is the best. Her photos are our family heirlooms.

Patty P

Denver, CO

Best family photographer in Denver!

Margie F

Denver, CO

Chodu, you are a unique and uber-talented photographer and dear friend. I remember seeing your photo exhibit (for breast cancer awareness) in the Cherry Creek Mall years ago before I personally knew you, and I was blown away. How you evoked such exquisite beauty and bravery out of each and every woman is still burned into my memory. That takes a special gift from behind the camera and you have it!.

Patricia M.M.

Longmont, CO

I always pause, enjoy & admire when I see your photos posted.

Jan K

Denver, CO

I do love your portraits. It takes a special eye that I do not have, to catch the brightness in people that is in all of yours. Your picture is wonderful. I love the colors.

Kathy M

Denver, CO

Over the years, I have loved that you have a way of bringing out the love and connection within my family that is too often buried or overshadowed. Working with you is so much more than just the “result”–or the final photograph–it is very much about the process and the magical way that you calm the buzzing in our heads; it’s like your energy is able to strip everything else away so in those moments, we are purely ourselves in connection with our loved ones.

Yet, that final photo or photos should absolutely not be discounted; when I look back at all the stages of my life that you have captured, I feel that I am looking at the truest and most complete versions of myself. And while I cannot speak for my family, I too look at their faces and see so much of who I believe them to be at their core. More so than in any other photo of myself, you seem to bring out and then capture the complexity and nuance that I feel in my soul.

All of that is your magic. And all of that is what I have treasured about visiting your studio and working with you ever since I was toddler.

What I perhaps hope for most is the opportunity to continue visiting your studio and having these experiences with you as my family evolves, changes, and hopefully someday grows.

There is something truly unique in what you are able to elicit, capture and create.

I am so grateful to you for the joy, support, healing, and opportunities for self-reflection that knowing and working with you have provided me.

Katrina S

Denver, CO

Dearest Katy, If I were fortunate enough to live near you and take advantage of your query, I would want to leave a session knowing how to see the world through the concentrated focus of your eye; to know that we can all see the beauty and love in everything; to leave with a reminder of how important it is to capture each precious moment as fleeting and a gift; to be reminded that this very gift lies within me, waiting to be opened. What would I pay? The honest answer is that I don’t know, as the passing of this wisdom is priceless. The practical answer is whatever the fee is of a high-priced therapist in your area. Shine on, sweet Sister!

Patricia H

City, State

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