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About Me

While I am honored, grateful and excited to have the chance to photograph people’s lives from birth to death and numerous  moments in between, generational portraits bring a special sense of warmth to my heart. Life is a precious gift. Having worked for over 15 years with children who had life threatening illnesses, I saw the heartache of families losing their children at an early age. I have also seen the loss of loved ones at all ages and all stages of life. My Mom died when I was 22. I would give anything to have a nice photo of the two of us as well as one with my siblings before my Mom died. She never got to meet her grandchildren or great grandchildren before she died. I can, however show them photos of my Mom and tell them stories about her. With families spread out across the world, we don’t gather together at the same time on a regular basis. I encourage people to have photos made with their extended family when they are all together because we never know what the next day will bring. On a lighter note, the photos are fun to have.


I take pride in capturing the essence of the human spirit and the relationships between loved ones. Whether it be a photograph of an individual, a couple, a family or people we care about, having a well made photograph that is beautiful, strong, crisp, and captures the soul of a moment in time, I guarantee the photos are gifts that keeps on giving.


Three things I often hear are: 

  • I wish I had photos made while so and so was still alive.

  • I look at the photos you made of my family every day and absolutely treasure them.

  • If there is ever a fire in our home, the first things I would take would be the photos you made.


Create a lasting legacy of you and your family. From generation to generation, your history will live on through your professional printed and framed photographs. Soon my family will gather in CT to celebrate my Dad’s 90th Birthday. I am hiring a professional photographer to make photos of the four generations of Tartakoff’s that will be there so I can be in the photos as well. I can’t tell you how much I love having photos of my family on my walls at home as well as in my studio! How about you? Is it important for you to keep your Legacy alive through ongoing family photographs?


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


With love from Photographer Katy Tartakoff

Photographer Katy Tartakoff on location
Photographer Katy Tartakoff on location

Photography is a passion I have fed since the age of 10. Having spent most of my career using film, digital photography has challenged the parts of me that have been less than proficient with technology. I have become more and more obsessed with expanding my craft and moving through my perceived limitations. Recently I  learned how to photograph the Milky Way. Being out in the middle of the night, often times in freezing cold, I get to experience the infinite, miraculous Universe we live in. The invitation then, is to stay open, live in love and explore the world as much as possible.


For the more than 40 years I have been making Portraits professionally, I have seen an exponential shift in how professional photographs are valued. I remain steadfast in the pursuit of keeping printed, framed portraits, a part of our culture. When going through people’s homes, boxes of photos, books, Museums, researching people on Google and studying History… I am drawn to the faces, the stories and the gift of the memories the photographs provide. 


Photographer Katy Tartakoff on location
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