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Can You Imagine???

Can you imagine getting an email from your oldest sister inviting you on a TRIP OF A LIFETIME???


Well, my friends, it happened to me!! Seriously. And, she would pay for my trip!!! What???!!!

I immediately called Nina (my sister) in Panama, where she and Richard, my brother-in-law live, and asked, “Are you kidding me??"

She was not, so….


Nina, Richard and I traveled together from Panama City to Santiago, Chili. We spent a few days, got on a cruise ship (I’ve never been on a cruise ship) through Chile into Argentina. We went around Cape Horn, through Glacier Alley, the Falkland Islands to see Penguins, on day trips, on a train to The End of The World, saw sunrises and sunsets, one night I actually saw a bit of my favorite lover (The Magical Milky Way)… perhaps not in this order and I have a fascinating sense of direction….


We got off the ship, stayed a night in Buenos Aires, and took a flight to Iguazu in Argentina. Iguazu Falls was the Grand Finale. We got picked up by our guide, Victoria. Nina had arranged to take us on a tour of the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls. OMG.  If this is Heaven, I’m ready!!!

The three of us at Iguazu Falls.

My sister, Nina snuck this photo of me while I was concentrating on

making a photo of clams on the rocks.

Look around my website to see the new photos from this Once in a Lifetime trip.

And if you see an image you would like for your walls, please call or email me and we can talk about size and medium options for your piece.


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